Invisible Grills
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Why Mspace Invisible Grills?

MSpace is a one-of-a-kind subsidiary to Le Home Concepts from Singapore that specializes in providing innovative solutions to the builder of today. We are an undisputed champion in manufacturing high-tensile strength invisible grills made with 316 marine grade stainless steel.

Invisible grills are the most modern solution to all your safety woes in your building. They provide maximum protection from accidentally falling over, intruders and even offer protection from pigeons and other birds. Our invisible grills are more than suitable for any kind of construction including homes, hotels, hostels, schools, commercial spaces and so on. Install invisible grills in your balconies, windows or everywhere else where you require some aesthetic.

MSpace has been a company to achieve immediate success which is owed to our timely service and exceptional quality. In an attempt to beat competition and offer our superlative quality to Bangaloreans, we have set foot in Karnataka and Bangalore. We present to you MSpace’s invisible grills made with 316 marine grade steel reinforced with 400 kilograms of tensile strength.

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